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EAMA - Engineering & Machinery Alliance
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EAMA - Engineering & Machinery Alliance

Most of the products manufactured by the mechanical engineering sector are finished capital goods. The remainder are mostly components for capital goods.

The approximate breakdown into sub-sectors (see Statistics):

  • 30% General Purpose Machinery, this includes, furnaces, furnace burners, lifting and ventilation equipment

  • 20% each for Mechanical Power and Special Purpose Machinery (including food processing, textiles, mining and machines for metallurgy)

  • 10% each for Agriculture & Forestry and Domestic Appliances not Classified Elsewhere

  • 5% each for Machine Tools and Weapons & Ammunition

The sector is characterised by:

  • R&D using new technologies and materials

  • A 4-5 year continuous product innovation cycle

  • Tailor made solutions

  • High degree of specialisation

  • High design content, product complexity and precision

The sector has a high dependence on investment by other manufacturing sectors and is therefore subject to cyclical changes in demand.